About Us

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Elgin Park Secondary School. This website is designed to support communication with our families and community. It is designed to assist students and parents in planning and organizing during the current school year. In addition, we can provide you with important information and details regarding the school calendar and school events. Elgin Park Secondary is a school committed to supporting all students in their pursuit for personal success.  This is reflected in our Mission Statement mentioned below.
We believe student participation is a key ingredient in individual success. We hope that our students at Elgin Park will participate in many different aspects of school life. Through our staff and volunteers we offer a myriad of opportunity for our students.  We believe that the pursuit of their academic, career, and extra-curricular goals will broaden their horizons.  We want Elgin Park to be a school where students enjoy and value their high school years.
An effective educational program benefits from the home and school working together. Parents do not hesitate to contact us if you need information or if we can be of any assistance.
Enjoy your entire school year!
Kevin DeBoice

About Us

Founded in 1993, Elgin Park Secondary is a public high school in the School District 36 Surrey, located in the White Rock/South Surrey area. Our 63 staff members  educates approximately 1,200 Surrey and White Rock students ranging from grade 8 to 12.

Our website is designed to help our school, prospective families, and community to learn about the wide range of education and opportunities available at Elgin Park.

Our Mission is to build meaningful connections that ensure a high level of student success and learning.

Goal #1: To improve achievement for all students, with a particular focus on those at-risk, by providing opportunities to make positive connections.

Goal #2: To increase students’ understanding of social responsibility at elgin park secondary by supporting classroom and school wide initiatives that foster citizenship and encourage the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of all.

District programs:
  • Advanced program (AP)
  • Apprenticeship program
  • Career preparation
  • Cooperative education (Co-op)
  • Integrated studies