Student Info

At Elgin Park Secondary, we believe that all students are capable of success and learning. Success at school requires regular attendance, good planning and hard work! Organizational and time management skills also play a major role in the level of success a student is able to achieve. Fundamental to our belief system at Elgin Park is the connection that all learners make with their studies, the goals they set for themselves, and, most importantly, the connection all learners in our school community make with one another.
Choosing wisely is dependent on a number of factors and involves the planning skills and personal connections we accentuate at Elgin Park. While it is advisable to keep one’s options open, it is necessary to narrow the focus at times to ensure a manageable load for students. Keep in mind that the choices made at the graduation program level (Grades 10-12) will impact on the path a student can follow after graduation. As a school, we highly encourage our students to explore a variety of courses in order to discover where their interests and talents lie. Cooperation and support between home and school are good predictors of effective student learning. Students are advised to seek guidance and advice from parents, teachers, counsellors and peers when deciding during the course selection process.
We look forward to the contributions that each student will make to the culture of our school and are certain that the secondary school experience will be both enjoyable and rewarding at Elgin Park. Students should invite their parents to take an active role in their education and become involved in the life of our school community.


Elgin Online
Elgin Online provides students in Grades 11 and 12 with more flexibility in their timetabling. It allows students to take courses offered here at Elgin Park which they might not otherwise be able to schedule into their timetable because of time conflicts. As well, it opens up to our students courses which are not currently available on our site.
Students taking these courses will have a scheduled block in which to complete the course. Attendance in these classes is mandatory, just as it is in any Elgin Park class. If you are a self-disciplined, self-motivated visual learner with strong time management skills, then you many want to sign up to take an online course at Elgin Park. There are a number of benefits, including:
  • a support block with a classroom teacher supporting your learning
  • a distributed learning online teacher supporting your learning
  • controlling the pace of your own learning as you move through your online course
Please note that the on-site teacher is there to facilitate and trouble shoot and will not be presenting the material to students in the traditional way.
Application for a support block is done through your counsellor only.