Global Activists

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Elgin Park’s Global Activists wants to start a revolution- a GREEN REVOLUTION!
Our environmental/global issues club has the goal of completely overhauling our school courtyard with the intent of creating a gardening program that will not only include all types of students and outside groups in the community, but also create a model and legacy of what can be accomplished when a school comes together on a common project.
We want to:
  • Clear out weeds
  • Add more perennials
  • Add more bulbs and seasonal annuals
  • Add planter boxes for herbs and vegetables
  • Attract insects and birds
  • Create a school composting program
  • Connect with parents and the neighbourhoods of Elgin Park
In order to do this we need:
  • Funding/donations/sponsorship– to purchase garden equipment, building materials, composters, seeds, bulbs, shrubs, flowers, fertilizer, soil
  • Time– teachers, students, parents and community members willing to contribute time and labour towards making the garden a reality
  • Knowledge– referrals or personal experiences in building a working garden
The students are excited and have already gotten started on ridding the garden of a year’s worth of weeds!
*If you are interested and able to contribute time, resources, funding or knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Villeneuve or Carolyn Pederson (Global Activists co-sponsors) at or