English as a Second Language

Department Members:
Ms. L. Williamson


Course Offerings:
  • ESL Program
The English as a Second Language program at Elgin Park is set up on an immersion basis.  ESL students are integrated into mainstream classes (academic and/or electives) for all blocks, with the exception of their ESL classes.  Initial placement into the program is determined following the results of the District Initial Placement test which the student writes at the School Board Office prior to registration at the school.
The ESL Levels are: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Beginner and lower level Intermediate students will be enrolled in at least one ESL class per semester.  High level Intermediate and Advanced students will be in mainstream classes.
The ESL classes are divided into three progressive levels:  
Beginner 1
Beginner 2  
ESL Writing 10
ESL Reading 11
These intermediate level courses will count as 4 graduation credits each.
Progress through the levels will be dependent upon each student’s individual level of language acquisition, which in turn will be influenced by a number of factors such as motivation and the length of time in the target language.  Advancement will be determined in part by yearly testing as outlined by both the district and the Ministry of Education, as well as other factors such as academic class marks, teacher recommendation.
Landed immigrant, Canadian citizen, or refugee students exiting from the ESL program have met one of the following criteria:
  • the student has received 5 years of language instruction in the Surrey School District
  • the student has achieved a high mark at the Advanced level on the Surrey School District annual language assessment
  • the student has the approval of the School Based team, in consultation with the ESL teacher
International students will continue to be monitored and tested yearly by the ESL teacher.
ESL Beginner 1
The focus is on writing, reading and speaking English for lower level beginners.
ESL Beginner 2
The focus is on writing, reading and speaking English for upper level beginners.
ESL Writing 10
This is a bridging course for students at the Intermediate level to help prepare them for regular English classes.  
ESL Reading 11
This is a course with three main objectives – reading, writing, and speaking in English.  Students will be exposed to a wide variety of reading genres including both fiction and non-fiction.  The focus will be on increasing reading: fluency, comprehension and speed. Students will learn how to respond and decipher various text questions.