Integrated Studies

Department Members:
Mr. C. Ellett


Integrated Studies 8 / 9 Program
The Integrated Studies 8/9 program takes a slightly different approach to the regular school schedule, offering more flexibility for the instructors and students to schedule daily lessons, weekly units, guest speakers and field trips. The program intends to develop the creative ability of students while enhancing academic excellence.  The principles of student choice and self-directed learning will guide program development.  Critical thinking skills and problem solving will be emphasized.  Dual age groups will be an organizational feature.  Co-curricular and community involvement will be a natural extension of the program.
This two year program, open to Grade 8 and 9 students, places a focus on the following features:
  • the same Humanities (English & Social Studies) teacher all-year long
  • interdisciplinary, multiple intelligence curriculum
  • dual grade groupings
Program Goals
The goal of the program is to offer the above features while maintaining access to a full range of high school opportunities and electives.
Program Overview
Students will be grouped together for English and Social Studies for the entire year.  They will take their other academic and elective classes within the mainstream program as single semester subjects.
Note:  Placement in Integrated Studies is through application.  Please fill out forms at the office.