Parent Info

Updating Student Information

A form containing all the parent contact information, student addresses, and phone numbers, has been mailed home in September.
Please verify that we have all your family’s correct information on hand. If there are any corrections or additions, please complete the form and return it to the office. 
If your information changes during the school year, please call the office to inform us of your new contact information.


In the past, students of Elgin Park Secondary have planned their own “School Activities”. 
These events are student planned, unsupervised and often directly interfere with learning because of missed class time. The school does not support these activities in any way.
In the past, activities have included:
  • Class Ski/Snowboarding Trips
  • Class Camping in early Sept/late May
  • “S-Trip” events (Big White, Mexico, etc.)
If you are not sure whether an event is school sanctioned please feel free to contact the school directly.

Medical Alert Information

If you are a new student at Elgin Park Secondary and have relevant medical information that the school needs to be aware of, please contact the office and ensure you complete a “Medical Alert Information and Care Plan” form.
Returning Students:
Please ensure that the school has up-to-date information regarding your medical information. If you have had changes to your medications or if there is important treatment information that the school needs, please contact the school office.


Students who are absent are requested to have a parent/guardian phone the school before 9:15 a.m. on the day of an absence.
If your child is absent from class, and this absence has not been verified and excused by the parent/guardian, you will receive an automated phone message advising you of the absence.
Students arriving late to school are to report to the office. A Late Slip will be issued to the student only if the tardiness has been reported by a parent/

Extended Absences

If a student is going to be absent for a period longer than five school days, parents are requested to complete an “Extended Absence Form,” available at the main office. This form is to be signed by the student‟s teachers and parents, and then brought back to the office for verification by the Vice-Principal.
Students are responsible to complete and hand in all missed assignments, activities and tests missed during their absence.
If the extended absence is due to illness or injury, please contact the school. We can help your child maintain their grades and keep up on assignments during their recovery.

Weather-related closures, class cancellations& delayed openings

In addition to educating children, schools are expected to provide safe, supervised environments. Any cancellation, closure or delayed school opening has a significant impact on tens of thousands of families. Most cannot arrange alternate childcare when classes are cancelled or schools are closed unexpectedly.
Consequently, schools will not routinely be closed due to snow or other weather conditions unless there is damage or other circumstances (e.g. power outage) at a particular school that makes it impossible to operate safely. No announcement will be made that schools are open; only cancellations, closures or delayed school openings will be announced.
  • The district supports individual and family decisions regarding safety. Student and staff safety are a priority of the school district. Parents/guardians have primary responsibility for their children’s safe travel to school and staff members also decide if local conditions may be unsafe. If, for any reason, there are personal concerns about the ability to travel safely to school, other arrangements should be made. It is understood some students travel to school on routes that may be challenging on a snow day. Therefore, no student will be penalized for lack of attendance because of such conditions. While schools are likely to be kept open, the decision to attend is the responsibility of each family. Parents can phone or email the school to notify staff that the student won’t be attending. Weather-related student absences will be excused.
  • Some schools may announce a delayed opening time. The delayed opening time will be announced on the district website and through the media. The delay would be to allow more time to address potential issues such as a power outage or staff access to the school.
  • The district will do its best to communicate the status of schools beginning at about 6:30 a.m., when possible. Weather, power, road and safety conditions can change substantially within a few hours, therefore assessments and decisions are made early in the morning so the information is more reliable.

Only closures or delayed school openings will be announced. No announcement will be made that schools are open as normal.

Regular and special needs school bus schedules may face significant changes or cancellation as a result of weather conditions. Changes or cancellations will be reported on the district website and through news media.
Announcement of closures or delayed openings
In the event of class cancellations or delayed school openings, the Surrey School District will post information on its website at and provide updates to the following radio stations.
  • CKNW (980 AM)
  • News 1130 (1130 AM)
  • CBC Radio (690 AM)
  • Red-FM (93.1 FM)
  • Radio India (1600 AM)
  • Radio Punjab (cable/satellite)
  • Fairchild Radio (1470 AM)
  • CHMB (AM 1320)
Class cancellation/delayed opening information may also be broadcast on some local TV station newscasts. Please do not call the radio stations as staffs are very busy receiving updates and preparing newscasts.
Please do not call the schools and district offices. Calling schools and district offices is also impractical since staff members are generally not available to answer telephone calls far in advance of regular school opening time and phone lines typically become congested in any event.