Elgin Park offers co-op programs in these areas:  Science and Humanities.
Academic classes are combined with work experiences, giving students opportunities to complete course work and investigate career choices – ALL IN THE SAME SEMESTER!!!!! Due to the structure of the co-op, students do not miss instructional time while out on work experience.
What will I get at the end of the co-op semester?
Students will participate in, and receive, a certificate in the “Superhost” Program. Also, students will receive a work experience certificate at the end of the co-op semester.
How many credits do I get?
You can earn up to 20 graduation credits each semester in the co-op.
Science Co-op Humanities Co-op
Teacher: Mr. G. Wiebe Teacher:  Ms. L. Dennis/Ms. L. Martin
up to 20 credits up to 20 credits
Courses: Courses:
Biology 11 – 4 credits English 11 – 4 credits
Biology 12 – 4 credits Social Studies 11 – 4 credits
Chemistry 11 – 4 credits Law 12 – 4 credits
Work Exp 12A – 4 credits Work Exp 12A – 4 credits
IDS 2 credits or Work Exp 12B – 4 credits        Work Exp 12B – 4 credits
Registration for co-ops takes place in the spring.  To find out more about co-op, visit the Career Centre in February.